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Music Director
Benjamin G. Del Vecchio

The Hendricks Symphony Chorus is a vocal group dedicated to singing the choral masterworks. The chorus rehearses 7 pm Monday evenings at Harmony Baptist Church in Avon, IN (Map and Directions). Auditions for the Hendricks Symphony Chorus will be held by appointment. To schedule an audition please call  Benjamin Del Vecchio at 317-272-0452. Audition times and locations are available by arrangement.

‚Äč2016-17 Season
      2016-17 Chorus Rehearsal and concert Schedule pdf    Published May 29, 2016

      2016-17 Chorus member information form pdf  Published June 1, 2016
      Chorus Etiquette pdf Updated July 30, 2016
      July 4th Program   Final, June 7, 2017
      The Sound of Music  PDF Edited May 27, 2017
      Les Miserables-"Do you hear the People Sing"  PDF  Edited June 3, 2017

2017-18 Season
     2017-18 Chorus rehearsal and concert schedule pdf   Published May 13, 2017

Other Information
        Chamber Music concert form pdf
        Our Students Perform form pdf  Feb 11, 2018